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Interlogix – Changing Motion Detector Batteries

Changing the batteries on your Simon motion detector can be a bit tricky, below are some tips/instructions on how to make it easier.

Your Simon Motion will look like below

To get the cover off, push the top tab and pull to release

Once the cover is off the motion will look like below.  There are two tabs on the top as well as one on the bottom. 

Press and hold all 3 tabs and pull (wiggle) to remove

If you have trouble opening the device, try using a small screw driver to assist with depressing the tabs as below, then use your fingers on the remaining tabs to remove. 

Once open, there will be 2-AA batteries on either side of the sensor. 

Replace batteries and put the cover back on, be sure not to lose the spring on the tamper switch (see example below) the cover needs to be aligned properly and replaced securely to avoid a tamper state.

You have successfully changed your motion battery!

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