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Simon XT – Managing User Codes

To change user codes on a Simon XT:

  1. Enter the System menu by pressing one of the scroll buttons or the OK button in the upper right of the panel.
  2. Scroll until the display shows System Programming, and then press OK
  3. The display will show Enter Code. Enter your master code, and then press OK
  4. Scroll until the display shows Access Codes, and then press OK
  5. Scroll to the user code you want to change (1-8), and then press OK. The current value of the code flashes.
  6. Enter a new code (use the correct length), and then press OK.
  7. Press Status repeatedly to exit.

These instructions can be used to change the Master and Duress Codes. The Master code is required for any programming changes and the Duress code automatically triggers a silent alarm which cannot be cancelled. So be careful when changing user codes.

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