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Interlogix Sensors – Replacement Battery Guide

Below is a chart of the various sensors used with GE/ITI systems (predominantly Simon series alarm systems). Included is the Sensor Type (primary use), Part #/Description (mostly used by dealers), Voltage, Type (of battery used), Quantity (needed), and Picture (of the sensor; can be clicked to enlarge image if available). While some battery types may appear identical (typically the coin type batteries), it is important to use the listed type of battery to ensure the sensor works correctly and is not damaged.

Sensor TypePart # / DescriptionVoltageTypeQuantityPicture
Door / Window60-670-95 — GE Wireless SAW Door-Window Sensor NX4501.5vAAA2
Door / WindowTX-E201 — Door/Window Sensor 319.5MHz3vCR20321
Door / WindowTX-E231 — Door/Window Sensor with External Contact Input3vCR20321
Door / WindowTX-E251 — Long Range Door/Window Sensor3vCR21
Door / WindowTX-1012-01-1 — Micro Door/Window Sensors3vCR20321
Door / WindowTX+DWS — TX+ Wireless Door/ Window Sensor3vCR20322
Door / Window60-362N-10-319.5 — Wireless Door/Window Sensors Crystal Transmitter3vCR123A1
Door / WindowTX-E221 — Recessed Door/Window Sensor3vCR21
Garage Door (Tilt)TX-E401 — Garage Door Tilt Sensor3vCR123A1
Motion60-807-95 — Indoor Wireless Pet Immune SAW PIR Detector1.5vAA2
MotionTX-E721 — Indoor Wireless Pet Immune PIR Detector3vCR123A1
Shock60-886-95 — Learn Mode Shock Sensor3vCR123A1
Glassbreak60-873-95 — ShatterPro Glassbreak Sensor3vCR123A2
Image600-9400-IMAG — Image Sensor1.5VLithium AA2
Flood / FreezeTX-E611 — Flood & Freeze Sensor3vCR24501
Flood60-744-95 — Water Sensor SAW 319.5 MHz1.5AAA2
Freeze60-742-95 — Freeze Sensor SAW 319.5 MHz1.5AAA2
SmokeTX-6010-01-1 — ESL Supervised Wireless Smoke Alarm3vCR123A2
SmokeSDX-135Z — Wireless Smoke Detector with Heat and Freeze SensorN/ACannot replace batteryN/A
HeatHDX-xxx — Wireless Rate of Rise Heat Sensor3vCR123A1
Carbon MonoxideTX-6310-01-1 — Wireless Carbon Monoxide Alarm1.5VAA3
Keyfob60-659-95 — 4-Button Keyfob12vA231
Keyfob600-1064-95 — 4-Button Keyfob3vCR20321
KeyfobTX 5003-01 — 4-Button Slimline Keyfob3vCR20251
PanicTX-4200-01-1 — Wireless Personal Panic Device3vCR16321
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