Business Security Cameras

Indoor and outdoor cameras combine to for a comprehensive view of your business, even across multiple sites.  

Cloud managed video surveillance combines 24/7 monitoring and intelligent analytics to ensure footage is available when you need it most.  

Analytics, event triggers, and easy sharing make finding and reporting incidents easy

Video Surveillance Cameras

State of the art cameras can improve your business operations with a wide range of intelligent features, including: 4MP HDR video, IR night vision, access to Business Activity Analytics and much more

Business Security Activity Analytics
People Counting Cameras

Manage your business and protect your customers using your security cameras. Uncover actionable business insights that help manage customer flow, make informed decisions and optimize operations

Accurately detect people and vehicles entering your property while ignoring unimportant motion like rain or shadows. 

Receive real-time alerts about after-hours access attempts or unexpected guests in prohibited areas, and stop intruders in their tracks with Perimeter Guard™ proactive defense.

Auto Detecting Cameras
Business Security App

Jump straight to the moment in question with event based alerts and tags, avoiding the manual search that often takes hours

Business Security Camera System

Already have a cameras system?  We can integrate with it, add to it, and improve your experience.  

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