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Simon XTi – Communications Test

A communications test is used to check whether the alarm panel is communicating properly.

If Comm Test is not finished, it will continue to run even if you exit program mode.

To perform a local communications test (not logged by central station):

  1. Enter the Status & Settings menu.
  2. Scroll until System Tests is listed, Press Enter.
  3. Enter your master code and press OK.
  4. Press Comm Test.

The panel displays if the comm test was successful or not.

To perform a communications test with the central station:

  1. Call the central station (1-800-268-6870) or Reed Security support (306-653-3200 option 3) and tell the operator that you will be testing the system.
  2. Arm the system.
  3. Test an emergency panic icon and trip at least one sensor of each type (fire, intrusion, etc.) to verify that the appropriate alarms are working correctly. There could be a 30 second delay on intrusion devices.
  4. When you finish testing the system, call the central station or Reed Security to verify that the alarms were received.

If your system is not connected to a central monitoring station you won’t be able to perform the communication test. 

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