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Simon XT – Change Volume/Vocal Settings

Please follow the below instructions to make changes to the volume levels of your beeps or panel voice. 

1. Piezo Beeps:

– These are the beeps the panel makes for system activity (eg. I opened the front door and my panel beeped. When I arm the panel my alarm beeps until it arms)

~  Can turn these off and on.

2. Panel Voice:

– Announces arming levels (eg. When I push the “Status” button the panel tells me “System OK”

~  Can turn these notifications off and on.

3. Panel Piezo Alarm:

– These are the alarms the panel makes in the event of a fire, a break in, or the like

~  Can turn these off and on

4. Trouble Beeps: 

– Determines whether the panel and interior sirens beep every minute when there is a trouble condition. (eg. I have a Low Battery and my panel keeps beeping.)

~  Can turn these off and on.

~  Hitting the “Status” button immediately followed by the “Disarm” button will also silence these beeps for 4 hours.

5. Voice Chime: 

– Determines how the panel talks to you. (eg. When I open the front door my panel tells me Front Door Open, it can be changed to beep instead of telling me that.)

~ 1 = Sensor Name

~ 2 = Loud ding-dong bell

~ 3 = Soft ding-dong bell

~ Off = no sound

6. Status Beep Volume: 

– Determines the panel piezo volume level for status beeps in the above sections 1, and 4.

~ Volume levels 1-10.

7. HW siren sup.:

– Determines whether the panel monitors the siren’s status; whether it is connected or if the wires have been cut. This requires a 4.7 KOhm resistor placed between the 2 wires preferably up the wire a ways. 

8. Speaker Volume:

– Sets the volume for the voice communications in the above section 2, and 5.

~ Volume levels 1-8

9. Silent police alarm: 

– The “Police Alarm” button on the bottom left corner can be set so that the police are notified but no audible alarm is sent.

~ If it is on a silent alarm is sent; if it is off the police would be notified and the siren would go off as well.

10. Panel Tamper Alarm:

– This determines whether the panel will send an alarm if the cover of the panel is removed.

~ Can be turned off and on

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