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General – No Test Signal

In this article we will review a “No Test Signal” notice and what to do about it. A “No Test Signal” notice is something that should be dealt with right away as your system could be unable to send alerts and leaves your premises at risk.

What is a “No Test Signal”?

This is an alert from our Monitoring Station that the system in question has not sent in a periodic communication test for a preset time (ie. daily, weekly or monthly). 

What causes a “No Test Signal”?

Each pre-programmed period your system will try to do a quick test to our Monitoring Station. It is done at a pre-programmed time. If this quick test fails to get through a “No Test Signal” is reported. You can get a failure due to busy phone lines, power outages, disconnected services, or system faults.

What should you do after getting a “No Test Signal” notice?

Start by doing your weekly system test. This test will check all the parts of your security system, including communications. This weekly test will let us and our Monitoring Station that all is well or show you and us if there are still troubles to be corrected.

How can we correct for “No Test Signal”?

The most common cause for this issue is loss of communication often caused by the disconnection or upgrading of your location’s phone service. We recommend reviewing any work done at the location over the past several months, even small changes, to see if the work been done involved your phone lines. Often the simple fix is to reconnect your line to your security system. We also can move you off of physical phone lines to a GSM or wire free option. If you would like to discuss your options or book an onsite visit to address “No Test Signal” notices, please contact us. 

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