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General – Connecting A Line Seizure Jack

For the Reed Security Client

For your alarm system to properly communicate via landline with the monitoring station, what is known as a line seizure jack (aka line takeover, JK7 or RJ31X) is installed on the phone line by Reed Security. The purpose of the jack is to allow the alarm system to have priority on the line when needed. If it is not wired correctly, this may cause alarm system communication and/or phone line issues. Issues with an improperly wired jack can be due to the phone provider performing an onsite service call or a change in phone service (change providers or service type).

For the Phone Provider Tech

The line may test a good, however, this does not mean it has connected correctly to the line seizure jack. If there is an issue with the phone line with the alarm panel connected, disconnect the alarm panel cable from the line seizure jack. If the phone line issue disappears, this usually means one or both sets of tip and ring wire sets have been reversed.

The line seizure jack (RJ31X) must be installed first in line after the telephone network interface (NID). Nothing else can be connected before it or it will not function correctly. 

The phone line from the network interface must be correctly wired to the line seizure jack. Incoming refers to coming from network interface, outgoing refers to going to premise phones.

  • Incoming Ring wire connects to position 4 (red wire)
  • Incoming Tip wire connects to position 5 (green wire)
  • Outgoing Ring wire connects to position 1 (white or grey wire)
  • Outgoing Tip wire connects to position 8 (brown wire)

This is something more easily resolved by having the phone tech confirming their system is correctly wired into the line seizure jack. While a Reed Security tech could also correct the wiring, standard service rates would apply.

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