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DSC Wireless Keypad – Replacing Batteries

All DSC Wireless keypads use 4x AA batteries. When replacing them, we strongly recommended you use newly purchased, brand name batteries. Using off brand or no name batteries, or ones that have been sitting on a shelf or in a drawer at home)

.To change the batteries in a DSC wireless keypad:

  1. Grasp the keypad firmly on both sides and slide it up then out from the mounting plate;
  2. Once removed, you will see the batteries inside the back of the keypad unit;
  3. Remove all batteries and replace with new batteries (see note above);
  4. Line up the holes on the back of the keypad with the tabs on the mounting plate;
  5. Place the tabs in the holes and slide down until you hear a snap (press down until you hear the ‘snap’); and
  6. You may need to check and acknowledge the trouble alerts to clear the tamper alert caused by removing the keypad from the mounting plate.
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