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DSC Power Series Sensors – Replacement Battery Guide

Below is a chart of the various sensors used with DSC systems (predominantly Power and Neo series alarm systems). Included is the Sensor Type (primary use), Part #/Description (mostly used by dealers), Voltage, Type (of battery used), Quantity (needed), and Picture (of the sensor; can be clicked to enlarge image if available). While some battery types may appear identical (typically the coin type batteries), it is important to use the listed type of battery to ensure the sensor works correctly and is not damaged.

Sensor TypePart # / DescriptionVoltageTypeQuantityPicture
Door / WindowWS4945 — Door / Window sensor with aux input3vCR21
Door / WindowEV-DW4975 — Vanishing Door / Window sensor3vCR20321
Door / WindowEV-DW4917 – Recessed Door / Window sensor3vCR21
Door / WindowWS4965 — Tri-Zone Wireless Door/Window Contact3vCR123A1
MotionWS4904P — Pet Immune Motion Detector3vCR123A1
GlassbreakWLS922L-433 – Glassbreak Detector3vCR123A2
ShockEV-DW4927SS — Shock Sensor With Built-In Door/Window Contact3vCR123A1
FloodWS4985 — Wireless Flood Detector3vCR21
SmokeWS4916 — Photoelectric Smoke Detector with Heat Detection3vCR123A2
Carbon MonoxideWS4913 — CO Detector3vCR123A1
PendantWS4938 – Emergency Pendant3vCR20252
KeyfobWS4949 — 2-Button Wireless Key3vCR20252
KeyfobWS4939 — 4-Button Wireless Key3vCR20252
KeyfobWS4959 — 5-Button Wireless Key3vCR20252
KeyfobWT4989 — 2-Way Wireless Key3vCR20322
SirenWT4901 — Indoor Siren1.5vAA4
SirenWT4911 — Outdoor Siren3.6vWT4911BATT1
RepeaterWS4920 — Wireless Repeater4.8vWS4920BATT1
KeypadWT5500 – Wireless Keypad1.5vAA4
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