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DSC – Panel Battery Replacement-NO POWER DOWN

Note: Please always have your system disarmed before doing this.

1) Find your security panel. (This is usually in the mechanical room or in a place discussed at the time of install).

2) After finding the security panel, we will need to open it and expose the battery of the system.

    * There may be screw’s holding the door shut in these locations.

3) Now we need to disconnect the battery. Remove the red and black wire leads from the battery posts

4) Replace with new battery and connect the wires to the battery posts (red to red, black to black) 

Note: There are two different sizes, your battery will look like one of the following.

5) Close the door to the alarm system and put the screws back in.

Please Note: It may take a few hours for the low battery to clear while the new battery charges.

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