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DSC NEO 2016/32/64/128 – Managing Trouble Alerts

If the Trouble Light (yellow triangle) is lit, one or more unacknowledged trouble has been reported. To view the trouble codes:

  1. Press [*][2] then scroll [<] and [>] to view trouble codes
  2. Press [*] to view further details of a particular trouble alert
  3. The trouble light will flash, the number of flashes indicates level of alert, e.g. one flash = level 1, two flash = level 2, etc, currently being viewed.

The beeps can be silenced by pressing [*].

If you are unable to arm your system due to an existing trouble, you will need to acknowledge all trouble. Press [*][2], scroll to Acknowledge All Troubles, then press [*] or enter 999.

For more information about trouble alerts, consult the user manual attached, section 8.15 Trouble Conditions, pages 30-32.

If you require assistance after checking trouble alerts, contact the Reed Security Support Desk at 306-653-3200 option 3.

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