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DSC – Communications Failure Troubleshooting

If your DSC alarm system is not communicating with the monitoring station, this is often due to some issue with the communications line (landline or cellular communicator). Often repair work or services changes have been made to the landline which interrupts communication. This can be removal of the landline, servicing a phone issue, change in phone service (such as moving to VoIP), or changing phone provider. To correct these issues would require a service call (from phone provider or Reed Security support).

Your system might just not be sending the regular test message. Run the communications test appropriate for your keypad and contact the support desk to see if it was received. If the test goes through without issue, it likely means your system is not correctly programmed to send test signals. This may require an onsite service call.

However, the issue could also due to a frozen dialer/cellular unit. This can be resolved by rebooting your DSC alarm system (instructions in first link). Afterwards, conduct a communications test to see if the issue is resolved (first link for your keypad). If the communications test fails, a service call will likely be needed. If either event, you will need to reset the date/time after power cycling (second link for your keypad).

DSC – Power cycling the system

Alpha keypad (right hand column of keys have words on them).

DSC – Alpha Keypad communication test

DSC – Alpha Keypad, Set Time/Date

Non-alpha keypad (right hand column of keys have icons on them)

DSC – Non-alpha Keypad communications test

DSC – Non-alpha Keypad, Set Time/Date

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