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DSC Alexor – System Test

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to perform a system/communications test of your alarm system (DSC Alexor) Security Alarm Monitoring System, and how to silence that beep:

Call Reed Security Support (306-653-3200 option 3) or your Monitoring Station prior to inform they you will be conducting a test.

  1. Press [*] [6]
  2. Enter Your Master Code
  3. Press [4]
  4. All keypad lights will activate, as will the keypad sounder and siren (2 seconds medium volume, 2 seconds high volume).
  5. For the duration of the test, the Ready, Armed and Trouble lights will flash.
  6. Call back Reed Security or the Monitoring Station once the tests are complete.

Users are responsible for regularly testing their system for proper function.

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